Sunday, February 04, 2007

Run Away! Run Away!


I've caught myself just in time!

An ad' popped up in my I.M. window, for an online dating place. In a moment of stupidity, and whilst still a little peeved (see previous post) I thought it looked like fun:

Check out the bile that spewed forth when I was asked to write my profile:

Okay, I'd describe myself as being honest, although others might describe me as being straight-forward, or at worst: blunt! Sure I can be flippant at times, but I'm also an incredibly nice guy, if I like you.

So, with that in mind... It could be said that I'm a fixer. Somehow I attract broken people. I care for them, give them love and support, get them back on their feet, show them their true worth to the world, building their confidence... until they are fixed. When they no longer need fixing, we generally part company, they usually take all my stuff with them, and I end up having to re-build my life from scratch...

If all that sounds a bit bitter, it's because I'm just going through a divorce, which has seen me move out of a 300 y.o. detached, and into a room at my parents. (Not for long, I should add, I'm just here for a month until I find a flatmate close to work, in an un-familiar area, where I know no-one.)

Don't worry though, it's all relatively ammicable, and you'll not wind up stuck on a date with some whinning, sobbing wreck, going on about how much he misses his wife... I'm okay, over it, I've moved on.

I am however, resolved not to repeat previous well-worn mistakes, which include falling head over heels, getting real serious real quick, and subjecting my now almost teenage daughter to step-moms from hell!

I'm looking for fun with someone who, whilst they may well have a whole broom cupboard of skeletons, is generally well balanced, who will not begrudge my daughter for having to share my affections with her, nor hate her for the fact that I don't want any more kids. Truth is, you'll probably not get to meet her for months and months and months...if at all!

WTF was I thinking? (besides kill kill kill!) Bitter? Me? Is it any wonder that you only ever meet lunatics online! (stories on this topic to follow on a slow news day!)

There's Just No Pleasing Some People!

Damn! So not only did I spend the whole of my first Saturday of "freedom" back in captivity, sorting out the soon to be ex-wife's (stbxw's) wireless broadband, (along with her internet phone, printer, scanner, camera and stereo...) but as it turned out, most of my Sunday too.

She's priceless this one. Remember that until recently, this house along with all the afformentioned kit were "ours". Even now, whilst she's sat in front of an lcd flat/wide/hd screen in our four bed detached, or out rolling in a new turbo convertible, I'm trundling the fifty odd miles back to my mom's in the creaking 4x4 that we bought for her because she felt "safe" driving it, but then later decided she did not want.

When I finally get back to mom's having wiped stbxw's technological ass for her, all I have to look forward to is an evening holed up in a cupboard of a room watching.... ahhhhh shit! I've left the DVD's there! F***!

I left there in a hurry, with the raging arse. Check this... she sees me put a wireless router in my bag, and says: " I hope you're not gonna leave me high and dry here" WTF!!!! It's my f***ing kit, I'm an I.T. bod for christ's sake! And this is after I went out Saturday night and bought her a new stereo, simply so she can play what used to be my CD's!

I'm not quite the push-over you might think; I thought it was only right being as the whole house was wired for sound, and when I took out my Turntables, Laptops and associated stuff, there was no source for tunes in the house, so I went out and bought her a stereo to replace that... ah bollocks I'm a push-over, okay okay!

Point is, if I were to be leaving her high and dry, don't you think it I would have been out of there sooner?

Last time I was in this position (having broke up with a partner I'd been with for five years) I spent my first night of freedom fucking a 22y.o. nurse. This time around, I'm feeling royally fucked. I much prefer the other way.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

You'll soon realise, I'm a really nice guy. That's my downfall right there.

First post; short and sweet.

It's my first Saturday morning since moving out. I don't see my daughter till next weekend. I spent my Friday night resisting the temptation to go out and get trollied by setting up this blog and watching movies on the web, whilst sat in a tiny, bare room surrounded by mountains of clothes and computer bits that I have yet to find a home for.

What do I do with the first free Saturday I've had in an age? I go drive 50+ miles back to my soon to be ex-wife in Cambridgeshire, (who is living in what was our 300 y.o. 4 bed detached, soon to be her 300 y.o. 4 bed detached) to fix her wireless network, and to pick up some things which she has decided, she does not want.

Push-over? Nice-Guy? Plain fool? You decide!